Sandy was a former Special Forces agent who worked for Home Base, helping them track Bruce Banner.

She met Doc Samson in Argentina while on a mission, and, unbeknownst, to him, became pregnant with his child. She lived in seclusion with their child, Ricky, for eight years until Home Base kidnapped him and framed her for his murder to employ her services.

She was executed for the murder of her son, and from there, Home Base transferred her consciousness into a superhuman clone. She worked for them alongside Jink Slater tracking Bruce Banner. When they finally caught up to him, she turned against her partner, siding with Bruce (who had also been framed for Ricky's murder). She and Bruce discussed how they were both framed, and she seemingly died again in a cabin explosion.[2][3][4][1]

She revived and unburied herself, and found Banner again, this time helping him escape another Home Base agent.[5][6][7][8]

Sandy eventually went to Samson and revealed that Ricky was his son and was missing, and Doc was able to track him to one of Home Base's facilities. After reuniting with him, both Sandy and Ricky seemed to die when Hulk destroyed the facility, but due to her abilities, this remains to be seen.[9]


  • Regenerative healing factor: Sandy is able to recover from any injury, even death. She can speed up the process by taking life force from other beings, and can transfer her healing abilities to others by blood transfusion[6]
  • Resurrection


Athlete, markswoman, tracker and hand-to-hand combatant.

Strength level

Normal: can lift her own body weight


Advanced Home Base weapons as well as conventional firearms.

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