Quote1 I'll spare your lives on only on condition...that you make me absolute ruler of Earth!! Quote2
-- Sandu src

Sandu was an unremarkable fortune teller working at a travelling carnival. He used his abilities to steal from the audience, but his powers were limited. Loki the trickster god was watching the show and sensed the evil inside him. He decided to use him in his plans against his step-brother Thor. Loki used his Asgardian magic to increase Sandu's mental powers a thousand times over. He now had the power to gain as much wealth as he wanted.

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Sandu went on a crime spree: robbing banks, race tracks, trains, and museums. He teleported a palace and claimed it as his own. He then lifted the United Nations building, demanding that the representatives inside declare him ruler or be hurled into space.

Thor battled him early in his career. To help, Odin sent Megingjord via the Valkyries.

Sandu transported himself and Mjolnir away. His attempts to lift the hammer however caused a mental short circuit. He was then defeated and taken into custody. [1]

Power Grid [2]
Energy Projection*
Fighting Skills
* Energy projection enhanced by Loki; Teleporter


Sandu was empowered via Asgardian magic by Loki. His unremarkable mental skills were enhanced to god-like levels:

Low-Level Telepathy Sandu originally possessed some basic mind-reading skill.

Telepathy Sandu's Telepathy was increased to the point were he could read anyone's mind to predict their next move and also alter a person's memories.

Telekenisis With Loki's empowerment Sandu could levitate buildings and cars with ease. But his power was not strong enough to levitate Mjionir.

Teleportation Loki's empowerment of Sandu's mind provided him with the power to teleport from one point to another. And the remote teleportation of objects.


Crystal Ball.

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