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Younger Sanders and Duchman

Along with Duke Duchman, Sandy Sanders was one of the astronauts originally positioned to launch the Marvel-1 with Reed Richards and Ben Grimm. When Richards took the Marvel-1 on an unauthorized flight that ended up transforming its tripulants into the Fantastic Four, Sue and Johnny Storm took the place of Sanders and Duchman, who had abandoned the project as they felt the spacecraft's radiation shielding was insufficient.[1]

Both Sanders and Duchman would go on to continue their careers, living a normal life and raising their own families. When the National Air and Space Museum mounted an exhibition for the Marvel-1, Sanders and Duchman were invited to its opening. They stumbled into Sue and Johnny, who expressed remorse for swiping their spot, preventing them from potentially having become super heroes. Sanders and Duchman brushed off their concern with contempt and expressed preference for their normal lives.[2]

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