When Sandy York was a student at Thames University, he was friends with fellow students Brian Braddock, Courtney Ross and Jacko Tanner. He often hung out with them at a local pub called the Flying Finish that was owned by Dora. One night at the pub Jacko had just insulted Brian to Courtney, much to her annoyance. Sandy then began questioning Jacko's intelligence, but he annoyed Courtney as well.[1]

Later when Courtney was looking for Brian to have a breakfast date, she spoke with Sandy about it and he told her Brian's activities that morning at the university gymnasium. In fact, Sandy kept track of almost all of Brian's activities.[2]

Sandy was a keen photographer whose ambition was to sell photos to the newspapers. He was unwittingly instrumental in Captain Britain figuring out that Hurricane's suit was nuclear-powered, as all of his photographs of the Hurricane had been overexposed due to the radiation.[3]


No known paranormal powers

Strength level

Normal strength level for a young man his age who engages in moderate regular exercise.



Sandy kept very close tabs on Brian Braddock, knowing his schedule better than Brian's girlfriend, Courtney Ross. This could mean that they were flatmates, lived in the same building, or Sandy had romantic interests in Brian. However, this has not been explained fully.

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