Originally from Killville, a region of the Battleworld ruled by super-villains, Sanna proved her loyalty to God Emperor Doom and was thus accepted into the Victor von Doom Institute for Gifted Youths in Doomstadt, where she frequently clashed with Jubilee and her gang, the Night Witches, culminating in a vicious fight that landed them all in detention just before the final exams. Unable to find a team, and facing expulsion if they failed to pass the exam, Jubilee and Sanna reluctantly joined forces with several other kids from detention and formed Team Puce.[1]

During the exams; however, teammate Amadeus Cho discovered that the faceless opponents they were fighting were all, in fact, their classmates, and during the battle, Pixie was killed. Horrified by these events, Team Puce elected to flee the school, except for Sanna, who refused to believe that the school was malevolent, and went to find Headmaster Valeria von Doom, who commended her for her loyalty and sent her and a team of Doom Elite led by Bucky Barnes to find Team Puce and bring them back by force.[2]

While the Doom Elite were successful in rounding up Team Puce, the violence required to do so caused Sanna and Bucky to doubt the righteousness of their cause, and both ended up defecting, with Bucky offering up his life to buy the other members of Team Puce time to escape.[3]

Their whereabouts following the end of Secret Wars is unknown.

Having come from Killville, a realm overrun by super-villains with few checks on their powers, Sanna likes order and discipline, and hates questioning authority.


Sanna is able to generate ice from her skin.

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