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Red-clothed, white-bearded Santa Claus was a super-human entity who travelled around the world[1] (and beyond)[3] in his flying sleigh[1][4][3][2] pulled by nine reindeers[3] (including Rudolph)[1] during Christmas, giving elf-made[2] presents[1][4][2][5] to the good boys[5] and girls[2] and coal to the bad ones[4] (However, in some cases, good boys were presented with Christmas presents coming not from Santa, but from the good boys' friends and acquaintances).[4] The super-villain Magnutto once pretended to be a good boy and acted according to this farce, in an attempt to trick Santa into giving him some Super-Powers action figures that Magnutto did not own—at least this was what the Watchman thought.[5] To do his job, Santa went through chimneys.[6]

Santa Doom

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At a later Christmas, Santa Claus traveled to Latveria to give a present to Doctor Doom, who was a nice guy some times. However, Doom had laid a vice-based intruder trap and Santa was captured, with his neck being trapped. The old guy suffered from injuries which would take several weeks to heal. Doom laid him in a bed in his castle but, when Santa asked Doom to replace him for Christmas, Doom was reluctant. In an attempt to convince Doom, Santa offered Doom any present that Doom's heart would really wish, and Doom agreed. The reindeers helped him get the trick, and Doom disguised himself with Santa's clothes and a fake beard, becoming Santa Doom.[1]

Doom's trip was eventful, with him fighting the Fantastic Four and several members of the Avengers; but the innocence of a big-eyed, teddy bear-holding girl stopped the fight and the heroes agreed to help the sham Santa giving the gifts. The girl apparently presented Santa Doom with his teddy bear.[1]

Weeks later, when Santa recovered his health and was ready to return to the North Pole, Doom forebodingly farewelled him as a future foe, but Santa kept his good attitude. He offered to give Doom the promised present but, secretly holding his new teddy bear, Doom simply said that such a promise had already been delivered. Santa, confused, left in his sleigh.[1] Probably that same year, Santa delivered a number of presents to super-heroes and villains, including coal for the Kingpig of crime—apparently some kind of tradition.[4]

Sufferin' Santa

At a later point, Santa's workshop was raided and conquered by super-villain Doc Octopus. Somehow, Octopus managed to capture Santa (although Octopus was unable to directly attack Santa; he may have tricked Santa or something) and then chained the elfs. Octopus forced the elfs to prepare booby-trapped toys which would attack the good boys and girls receiving them. One of these toys, a tentacled, threatening Darbie doll, happened to end in the hands of Cassie Lang, daughter of Scott Lang—who was in turn the super-hero Ant-Man. The doll attacked Cassie, she asked Scott for help, Scott smashed the toy and then he followed the track to the North Pole. Once there, the Ant Man discovered Octopus' scheme and fought him. The Ant Man shrinked himself and Octopus, and used toy soldiers to his advantage.[2]

Meanwhile, Santa managed to escape and stopped the fight. Octopus, unable to attack Santa, surrendered and was captured by Rudolph. Santa used his magic (?) powers to un-do Octopus' doings to the workshop and to revert the Ant Man's shrinkage, and shook the Ant Man's hand. Octopus promised to be a good boy and all-seeing Santa saw that he was being sincere—although the Ant Man was reluctant to believe his foe. Octopus helped Santa with his sleigh and, once this was done, Santa offered a lift to both Octopus and the Ant Man. To give them space, he had to use his powers again.[2]

Santa's grievances, however, were not over. At a later moment, the starship USS. Boobyprize NC-17 from Star Trash rammed Santa's sleigh and towed him and his reindeers for a while in space.[3] Santa survived this and returned to Earth, going down one chimney at one point. However, that chimney happened to be full of smoke, forcing Santa to hasten to escape from it, coughing.[6]



Santa's powers are apparently magic in nature, and may be used following a number of protocols: By shaking his belly, Santa can undo a disaster in his workshop and revert the effects of the Pym Particles. By touching his nose and winkling jollily, he can shrink his bag so that he can carry two passengers in his sleigh. Santa's powers also include knowing whether a specific person has been good or bad, and whether that person is awake or sleeping.[2]

Santa knows that he is a comic-book character and he can break the fourth wall to wish the reader a merry Christmas.[2]


Santa can speak in verse[1][2] or prose. Santa is a good pilot of his flying sleigh,[4][2] but he is not beyond suffering an accident when a badly-piloted starship intrudes his lane.[3]


Far from invulnerable, Santa Claus was injured when an intruder-trapping vice built by Dr. Doom captured him by the neck. He needed several weeks of bed-confined rest to recover.[1] He was also captured by Dr. Octopus, but Octopus later admitted that he could not confront Santa directly.[2]


An agreeable person, Santa tends to call everyone by their first time, even Dr. Doom.[1] He is easily recognizable by his familiar speech "Ho ho ho,"[2] but a number of children were tricked by a false Santa when Doctor Doom disguised as him.[1]

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