Santi Sardina (Earth-616)

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Santi Sardina was an average student though generally teased, being called an awkward loser. He was uncomfortable in his own skin and enjoyed drawing, but had few other talents.[1]


When his mutant powers manifested, Santi began to receive a lot of praise and admiration for things he had not done. Initially, Santi enjoyed the positive attention, but quickly grew frustrated with the idea of being a fraud.[1]

With a little influence from David Haller, Santi began anonymously painting the "Losergiest" art series, a collection of raw work about dispossession, guilt, and pop-infused ambition.[1]

Santi later helped David disband the I.B.S.S./Darwin's Martyrs and foil the plans of the Red Skull.[2]


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Santi receiving undue praise and admiration

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Santi powers

Santi is a new mutant activated after the Phoenix dispersion, and has displayed the following mutant powers:

Positivity Absorption: Santi powers allow him absorb or take credit for others accomplishments. His powers seem to unconsciously always turned on, which means that he frequently receives praise from strangers.[1]


Santi is a talented artist and the secret creator of the "Losergiest" art collection, a medley of raw work about dispossession, guilt, and pop-infused ambition.[1]

  • Santi's birthday is likely either in November or January because David Haller mentioned he would be President on his thirty-fifth birthday.[1]
  • According to David Haller's timeline, had Santi signed up for his school's debate society then he would have been class president by the end of the year, elected to public office within three years, governor by age twenty-eight, and president of the U.S. by thirty-five, the first mutant president.[1]

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