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Santiago Rivera was a military dictator who took control of the South American nation of San Diablo by military coup. Because of the fighting, there was a shortage of medical help in San Diablo, and several American doctors, including Dr. Donald Blake (with his trusty sidekick, nurse Jane Foster), agreed to go there to help out. However, the evil Executioner, leader of the communist faction, did not want the peasants to be treated. He wanted them to remain ill, so that they would be too weak to oppose the communists. He thus sent five fighter planes to blow up the ship carrying the doctors and medical supplies from America. Blake turned into Thor and destroyed the planes, which prompted the Executioner to send the commander of the pilots to the firing squad.

The Executioner then sent his armed forces to hunt down and kill the doctors. Thor fought off all attackers, but then the soldiers captured Jane Foster, forcing Thor to back off. The communists fawned over Jane, until Blake arrived demanding her release. Angered over Blake's commands, The Executioner stole his walking stick and ordered Blake in front of the firing squad. However, Blake goaded the Executioner into fighting him man to man, snatched back his stick and transformed into Thor. As Thor fought off the attacking communists, the army of the Democratic Faction arrived, causing the communists to flee. Realizing his defeat was imminent, the Executioner stole the gold from the treasury and attempted to flee. The other communists recognized him as a traitor and placed him in front of their own firing squad. They then realized that the Americans were their friends all along, and every was happy. Blake then treated and cured all of the sick peasants, and of course, no one suspected any connection between he and Thor (although Jane wished Don could be more brave and adventurous like Thor).[2]



Standard Red Communist supplied weapons


  • No relation to the Asgardian Executioner who would later become one of Thor's regular enemies.

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