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Armed Forces of the Republic of Santo Marco

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The Santo Marco Armed Forces are the national defense of the Republic of Santo Marco, and include the Santo Marco Army and Navy.[1]

Augustine's rule

Commander of the armed forces, General Luis Augustine assumed control of Santo Marco after Magneto's departure.[1]

At some point, tension grew in the country, with television talking about tribal grudges and atrocities on both sides of the conflict. Despite the presence of international observers, including United Nations Blue Helmets, president General Luis Augustine had soldiers to gather citizens to stadiums to use a retrofitted Sentinel to gene scan them, separating out everyone from the same tribe as the main rebel leaders, before performing mass killings. The Death Squad 832, operating under platoon leader C. Guzman had 1324 refugees killed.[3]

Duarte's rule

Years later, President Duarte had the capital bombed, possibly using the Armed Forces.

At some point overthrown,[4] Duarte returned and had the Nuke Platoon (enhanced soldiers created using the technology from Nuke who had been captured after a failed attempt at Duarte's life) to attack mutants and mutant sympathizers.[2]

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