This armor was built during the confrontations between mutants led by Magneto and the Sentinels; the mutants won before it could be put into use.

While using a standard armor for the extremely popular Sapien Deathmatch, Stark used this more powerful version while acting as Iron Man.

As Iron Man, Stark uncovered his father Howard Stark and Hank Pym's plans to detonate genome bombs.


The armor had various weapons. An extendable laser cannon was most prominent. It also possesses repulsors, a flamethrower, pulse beams, a taser, and a unibeam. Heat-seeking missiles and probes could be launched from its backpack.

The "JARVIS" artificial intelligence system handled many functions. Image inducers allowed Stark to conduct business as usual while out as Iron Man. "Counter magnets" provided some protection against Magneto.

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