Sara was the sister of Jean Grey.


Sara and her husband Paul disappeared shortly after speaking out on behalf on mutant relations.[4]

It was later learned that Sara had been murdered by mutant-hating fanatics, likely acting on orders from Cameron Hodge. Her body was also absorbed by the Phalanx.[5]

They were survived by their children, Gailyn and Joey Bailey, until the Shi'ar Death Commandos slaughtered all the remaining Grey relatives with the exception of Marvel Girl and Cable.


Although she is stated to be human,[4] Attuma considered her to be a mutant.[3]

Apparently she possessed some sort of latent mental powers that helped her resist the Phalanx. Stephen Lang said about her that "She [was] a recalcitrant sort, never really sublimating her stubborn will properly to the interests of the Phalanx. Her mental strength [was] truly remarkable - much like her sister's."[5]

Underwater Breathing (Formerly): When she was transformed into Atlantean by Attuma, Sara gained the ability to breath underwater, but lost it after Jean Grey cured her.[3]

Chris Claremont originally planned that Sara Grey would be a member of the original X-Factor and a mutant with the ability to activate latent powers in other mutants.[6]

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