Sara dated Parker Robbins for awhile and eventually became pregnant with his child. They moved in together so that she could attend night Stenography classes at ESU while he worked odd jobs.[2] The odd jobs he claimed to work were actually robberies of various sorts, based on intel given to him by his cousin, John King.[3]

Unknown to Sara, Parker was not only involved in criminal activities, but involved in relationships with other women as well. He remained a steady and consistent customer of a Russian prostitute named Gro[4], and later was seemingly romantically involved with Madame Masque.[5]

Sara once almost caught Parker in his lies, finding a condom in his pocket during her pregnancy. He explained this away as the last thing his father gave to him before he died, and Sara chalked up her paranoia to the pregnancy hormones, asking that he is always honest with her.[6]

After the birth of their daughter, Bree, Parker moved them into a much better neighborhood using his new-found criminal wealth.[7][8]

Battling with his inner demon (Dormammu), Parker began to lose control over his demonic connection, and when Dormammu appeared to him through his daughter, he was furious. As he picked up the child and shook her, Sara walked in, and made him leave them.[9]

It would seem that Parker respected her request, and after he was captured during the Siege of Asgard, Tigra informed Sara of his imprisonment. Surprisingly, she visited him and he probably revealed his activities to her.[10]

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