After losing the secrets of the Super Soldier Serum when Dr. Erskine, the United States Army still wanted to produce more like Steve Rogers.[1] To this end, Col. Walker Price and Dr. Wilfred Nagel took 300 African-American soldiers from Mississippi to experiment upon. Only a handful of men survived the gruesome process, and only one of them survived the covert missions and assignments: Isaiah Bradley[2] However, before Isaiah received the Super Soldier Serum, he fathered Sarah Gail, named after her grandmother.[3]

Josiah X

In 1953, years before Isaiah was released, Faith briefly moved with her young daughter from The Bronx to Mount Vernon, Virginia. It was here that a young girl appeared claiming to have her son. The girl explained how the U.S. military had harvested semen from Isaiah (before the Super Soldier Serum made him sterile) and eggs from Faith during her appendectomy surgery, and about the thirty-eight failed attempts that occurred before Josiah was finally carried to term. Faith kept the child, but for the safety of herself, her daughter and her son, she had to abandon him on a train. Sarah Gail left the note identifying the infant simply as "Josiah".[4]

Sarah Gail meets the grown Josiah X

Twenty-five years later, still in Mount Vernon, Josiah returned to the Bradley home and met his mother, sister and childlike father. Unable to stay long for fear of being discovered, Faith told Josiah to return when it was time. Although, the Bradley family moved back to their home in the Bronx, Josiah came to visit periodically to spend time with the family he never had.[4] Recently Josiah had stopped visiting, and has not been seen by the family in over a year.[5]


Sarah Gail mothered at least five children[6], including Eli Bradley, and married at least twice. Sarah Gail was born before her father took the Super Soldier Serum, neither she nor her children (including Eli) were born with no superhuman abilities.[7]

Recently Sarah Gail remarried, and moved to Scotsdale, Arizona with all of her children except Eli. Eli stayed in the Bronx, living with his grandparents to complete high school.[5]


None. Baseline human.

  • The name and fate of Sarah Gail's first husband is unknown. In Young Avengers #8, Faith does mention that Sarah Gail remarried, so she was married at least once before her current Scottsdale husband. It is possible this first husband was Eli's father though not confirmed. It is unclear if she divorced this first man or if he pass away. Similarly, the name of Sarah Gail's second husband is also unknown.

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