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Sarah Garza was a S.H.I.E.L.D. computer specialist.

During Thanos' Invasion, Inhuman king Black Bolt released the Terrigen Mists upon the entire face of Earth, activating the latent powers of numerous Inhuman descendants.[1] Sarah was one of the newly surfaced Inhumans, but shortly after emerging from a cocoon, her unstable powers created an explosion which decimated her entire apartment complex in the process.

Prior the Terrigenesis

She was retained by S.H.I.E.L.D., and Maria Hill, after finding out she was one of theirs, realized Garza could be a potential asset against Thanos' forces. Although she lacked experience, Hill partnered her with Iron Patriot, and gave her an armor to control her powers. She and Iron Patriot arrived to Brooklyn as reinforcements to help Nick Fury Jr. and Phil Coulson fight the invading forces. Sarah created a powerful blast which, along with the support of the Iron Patriot Drones, annihilated the aliens. During the sweep, the heroes were attacked by an unknown enemy with telekinetic powers.[2]

When Nick Fury tried to talk to him, the Junkman threw a car at the team, seemingly crushing Garza. Sarah raised from the debris, with the totality of her powers unleashed, and retaliated the Junkman. When he was about to be killed, Garza stopped upon realizing she could not become a murderer. Before he could react, Fury sniped at the Junkman and killed him. Saddened, Sarah mourned him.

Back in the Helicarrier, Sarah expressed to Maria Hill the desire to go back to tech ops. Garza was confined in a cell until her powers could be stabilized.[3]



Plasma Generation: Sarah can generate plasma energy from her body and emanate it. Unfortunately, she can't control the direction in which she released the plasma, and has to use a Stark Tech suit of armor to redirect the plasma current as she pleases. The suit allows her to emanate energy exclusively from her wrists and her chest almost similar the way Iron Man does.[2]


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