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This Clone was a highly advanced cybernetic organism, which was found in stasis by Laura Kinney while searching for clues of who had abducted Daken, and appeared to be her late mother.[1]

While being examined by Beast at Deborah's house, "Sarah" believed herself to be Laura's mother and explained that her rescuers kept her in a sort of suspended animation, accounting for the apparent disparity in her biological processes. She surmised that the bitter cold outside the bunker where X-23 had attacked her when she escaped from the Facility had slowed her heart rate long enough to be rescued, and warned Laura that she was periodically interrogated as to the whereabouts of the Muramasa Blade. Unknown to Laura, the Orphans of X were watching the conversation via ocular recording devices implanted within "Sarah."[2]

The reunion proved to be short-lived when Daken arrived soon after, having recently escaped from the Orphans. Recognizing something wasn't right when her heartbeat didn't change after having a gun pointed at her, he shot "Sarah" in the chest, driving Laura into a rage in which she badly wounded him; however, she finally calmed down long enough to cradle "Sarah" as she died in her arms. "Sarah" apologized, before one of the Orphans addressed the family through her, revealing her artificial nature and their intent to kill them all.[3]



She was implanted with ocular and neural cybernetic devices by the Orphans of X, allowing them to eavesdrop on any conversations she had, as well as assume control of and speak through her.[3]


  • Daken noted that cloning technology had advanced considerably over the decades since Laura's creation,[3] and that would explain why Beast had found the clone to be genetically consistent with Sarah Kinney.[2]
  • When the clone was actively controlled by the Orphans of X, both her irises and sclera turned a solid, glowing green.[3]

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