Sarah Kinney and her lover Herbert Wyndham were the leaders of the occult/scientific sect known as the Evolutionaries. They used a combination of science and magic in an attempt to create a vessel for the demonic Mephicthton. After their twenty-second attempt had failed, Sarah posed the theory that they needed to stop trying to create a perfect speciment, but instead make something flawed. To this end, Sarah herself decided to conceive their next subject. Combining their best enchantments and enhancements, Sarah was impregnated and gave birth to a mutant girl, whom Sarah named Laura.

Sarah Kinney (Warp World) (Earth-616) and Laura Kinney (Warp World) (Earth-616) from Infinity Wars Weapon Hex Vol 1 1 001

Sarah holding the newborn Laura

The following years, Wyndham had Laura trained to become a perfect emotionless assassin. Sarah treated her daughter the opposite way, fostering Laura's humanity and empathy, whereas Wyndham regarded her as an object who had evolved past such values.[1] Afraid that Laura could lose herself, Sarah created a younger clone of her, the speedster Gavrill, to anchor Laura to her humanity if necessary. Sarah kept Gavrill's existence a secret from everybody except her handmaid Bavel.[2] When Laura was eighteen years old, Herbert decided to make the preparations for the ritual to have Laura contain Mephicthton. Fearing for Laura's safety, Sarah tried to escape with her. Wyndham used a triggering spell to mark Sarah as a target for Laura, causing her to mindlessly kill her. Aware that Laura didn't intend to injure her, Sarah used her dying breath to forgive Laura and reveal the existence of Gavrill.[1]

Later on, when Laura confronted Wyndham to stop him once and for all, she used magic to summon the spirits of all that died as a result of Wyndham's plans, including Sarah. The ghouls mauled Wyndham to death before disappearing.[2]

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