A pilot with a rebellious streak, Sarah took her friend Harriet on a doomed plane ride, resulting in her legs and one arm being broken and Harriet killed. Banned from flying a plane ever again, she worked to build an alternate means of air travel.[1] When her sister, Alice, was killed, she was sought out by the Operative (Alice's former boyfriend) and the mysterious Revenant, who sought to safeguard her from her sister's killer and the corrupt officers in his employ.[2] Not wanting to be protected by the two, she struck out on her own, attempting to get them to let her actively assist in discovering Alice's murder, only for both to reject her help. When the duo found themselves cornered by officers summoned by the General, she came to their rescue using a flight harness she'd built[1]

Helping the duo investigate Alice's murder, they came to the home of the one Board member they thought would tell them what they needed to know. Waiting outside, watching for Board interference, Sarah wasn't present when the others discovered the man dead, dissected at the hands of a new vigilante known as the Surgeon.[3]

Following the continued interrogation of the General's men, Aviatrix, Revenant, and the Operative found themselves tracing him to a Westchester residence, where they confronted him, newly turned into a werewolf, and his ally Nox and her werewolf children. After a brief struggle they were saved by the arrival of the Surgeon and Achilles. Fleeing the scene, the group made their way back to New York City. That night, Sarah was visited by the Operative who informed her he had feelings for her...seconds before Revenant came out of her bathroom following a shower.[4]

After the heroes parted ways for a time, the General was eventually tracked to his headquarters at the Empire State Building. Gathering together again, the five heroes assaulted a dirigible hovering outside the building, with Aviatrix helping deal with several of Nox's werewolves before the Operative killed the General. Saving the children, the Aviatrix and co. agreed to stay together to fight crime.[5]


Uses a custom-made engine strapped to her back, with a pair of wings attached for stabilization.


Has a pair of guns mounted on the wings of her jetpack.

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