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Lament’s history is mostly unknown, although she has revealed that her true name is Sarah Walks Unseen. Sarah, when asked about the origins of her ultra-abilities, told a story about an old Native American belief that if you wanted a child to be a great runner, for instance, you would slice open a rabbit’s torso and place the young infant inside to “absorb the creature’s lament” and take on the characteristics of that animal. Sarah claims that something similar was done with her, only with a hi-tech security system. Now, Lament has the ability to go into “stealth mode” and avoid detection, an uncanny natural ability to manipulate computers and a powerful form of telekinesis.[citation needed]

Lament’s mother hoped that her powers would be used for good, calling them “healing hands.” Sarah, however, found it far easier to hurt others than help them. She became a bounty hunter until the career caused her to burn out and join the UltraForce. Her somewhat extreme measures led the Black Knight to boot her from the group and Sarah returned home to find out that her mother was critically ill. With her mother’s consent, Sarah ended the woman’s life, using her powers to kill for the last time.[citation needed]

Lament has since taken a vow never to kill with her powers again.[citation needed]

Powers and Abilities


Lament can become invisible and is able telekinetically control her victims biological functions.


  • It should be noted that Lament used her telekinesis in a much more bloodthirsty manner than most heroes (squeezing villain’s hearts, closing off arteries, etc.). These actions led to her dismissal from the team.

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