Sardeth (Earth-616) Marvel Two-In-One Vol 1 90

Physical form

Sardeth was an evil sorcerer from an unspecified dimension. He was the bitter foe of an altruistic wizard known as Solomus. When Solomus finally caught Sardeth in a mystical web, he was about to slay his foe. However by sheer luck an amateur magician from Earth named Phil was able to mutter the incantations to a spell that allowed Sardeth to transfer his soul into Phil's body just moments before Solomus incinerated Sardeth's physical form. Taking full possession of Phil's body, Sardeth sought to take over Earth after discovering that this new realm was governed by science instead of magic. Terrorizing the Renaissance Fair that Phil was performing at, Sardeth attracted the attention of both the Thing and Spider-Man who were both in attendance. Using his magical powers, Sardeth summoned both his Demon Knight and the Demon of the Caves, both were no match for both heroes. Eventually Spider-Man was able to knock out Sardeth with a single punch. Caught in the Thing's grip, Sardeth willingly let Phil free even though his soul could be lost forever as he believed the Thing would really crush him to death.[1] Sardeth's subsequent fate is unknown.

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