The past history of Sardu the Mystic is unknown. A hypnotist, he was deeply involved with the gambling rackets in New York City by 1946. He would attempt to attend parties hosted by local sports celebrities and use his hypnotic powers to insure that they somehow lost their respective matches, shifting their bets in the right direction for maximum payouts.

This series of strange sporting snafus attracted the attention of reporter Betty Dean and the Sub-Mariner who investigated the next high stakes match, a swimming meet featuring Marr Wilson, a speed swimming champion. Because he was unable to hypnotize Wilson, Sardu sent men in diving gear through a drainage pipe to the bottom of the pool to insure that Wilson did not win the match. When Namor realized something was wrong, he dived into the water and attacked the divers, but was unable to prevent them from killing Wilson and escaping. Namor however, managed to rip one of their suits and recover a fragment of a newspaper story about a party being thrown by yacht racer Captain Jonas.

Sardu was the scheduled guest, and as he was hypnotizing Captain Jonas to crash his yacht during his next race, they were interrupted by the Sub-Mariner. However, Sardu and his men managed to knock Namor out, and Sardu gave him a hypnotic command to shoot himself in the head once released to the mainland. Sardu almost succeeded in killing Namor, if not for the intervention of Betty Dean, who pushed Namor into the water snapping him out of Sardu's control.

Namor then rushed to the yacht race and despite the interference from Sardu and his men, Namor prevented the ship from crashing and knocked out Captain Jonas. Namor then destroyed Sardu's ship, apparently killing Sardu and his minions freeing Captain Jonas from his control.[1]


Sardu had the ability to hypnotize victims and bend their will to his own. The specifics and limitations of this ability are unknown. In the case of Namor, being knocked into water snapped him out of Sardu's control. Upon his death, those in his thrall were also released from his hold.

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