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Sarge was a Hellhound recruited into the Legion of the Unliving,[1] a group of vampires under Dracula's direction who feigned dissidence against him as part of his plan to start the vampire kingdom anew.[2] This scheme involved the purging of the vampire community, weeding out the weaker members of the race.

During the Legion's attack on Castle Dracula, the Avengers assisted the villagers from the surroundings threatened by fleeing vampires. The Legion's leader, the Shadow Colonel, introduced himself to the Avengers together with Sarge, and turned himself over. Once taken to the Avengers Mountain, Sarge targeted the Ghost Rider and used demonic recitations to make him subservient. Afterwards, the Ghost Rider escorted Sarge and the Shadow Colonel away from the Avengers Mountain.[1]

With Ghost Rider added to their ranks, the Legion of the Unliving continued their crusade in Madripoor. They were intercepted by the Avengers,[3] but managed to evade them while the heroes were occupied fighting and ultimately freeing the Ghost Rider from Sarge's control.[4] The Legion of the Unliving fled to the Sol-Iletsk Federal Penal Colony No. 9 in Russia, where the Legion infected all inmates in order to build up the ranks of the new vampire kingdom.[4] The Avengers confronted the Legion once again. While most members managed to escape, Sarge was left behind after being defeated in combat by the Avengers' canine ally, Thori. The Avengers later kept Sarge imprisoned at the detention facility of the Avengers Mountain.[2]


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