Sari Tartar was a famous actress in the 1940s until a tragic accident left half her face horribly burned. It ended her acting career and caused her to hate all things beautiful and this became twisted into her desire to make realistic movies. By 1947 she was working with producer Gordon Stanley owner of Goliath-Major Studios, who indulged in Sari's twisted ideas for his own reasons. The two began collaborating on a pirate film called "Pirate Harvest" choosing the Florida Key's as their shooting location. They cast beautiful young women, luring them to their set -- an authentic pirate ship -- and then having their band of African minions chain the girls to the oars in the boat and forcing them to row, those who did not row fast enough or stopped were whipped and tortured.

The newspapers began calling the missing girls the "Vanishing Venuses" and the story attracted the attention of the Sub-Mariner, Namora, and reporter Betty Dean. As fate would have it, while investigating the disappearances they were offered a job working on the the "Pirate Harvest" by Stanley and were brought to the ship. There they met Sari who instructed them for their first scene, which turned out to be a trap to capture them. Sari's aids easily subdued the trio, tying Betty and Namora to the oars while Namor was shackled to a pillar and whipped. After filming a scene of the girls rowing and being whipped, Sari ordered her men to bring the Sub-Mariner above deck to be whipped some more. However, one of her crew made the mistake of splashing Namor with a bucket of water, reviving the Atlanteans strength. Freeing himself, Namor subdued the crew and took Sari prisoner, using her flare gun to alert the coast guard. Meanwhile, Namora and Betty freed themselves and stole Sari's film to use as evidence. The group was reunited and they went back to the mainland to capture Stanley and return him to the boat. When the heroes turned Sari and Stanley over to the authorities, Sari attempted to attack Namora and Betty, who easily took her down. In police custody, Sari was to face a sanity board for her crimes, and likely was institutionalized.[1]

Her subsequent fate is unknown.


Sari was armed with a flare gun and would use a whip to torture her prisoners.

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