Sasha Demidov was a Leviathan assassin active in the 1940s. Like Leet Brannis, he was a member of the Red Army who was assumed KIA during World War II. Demidov was stationed at Finow, when an experimental Stark gas weapon, Midnight Oil, was deployed, causing anyone affected to go into a homicidal rage, resulting in a massacre. Demidov and Brannis survived but suffered the effects of asphyxiation, resulting in their voice boxes being cut out.[2]

In 1946, Demidov was ordered with finding and killing Leet Brannis after he betrayed Leviathan by keeping dangerous technology stolen from Howard Stark for himself and selling them on the Black Market. Demidov trailed Brannis to a nightclub owned by Spider Raymond, but Brannis and Stark's technology were already gone. Demidov followed the stolen technology to Peggy Carter's apartment, where he killed her roommate before fighting Peggy herself. Agent Carter threw Demidov out of her apartment window, but he survived the fall to the ground and got away. Back at his hotel room, he communicated with his Leviathan superiors using a special device connected to a typewriter. Leviathan ordered him to find the thief Leet Brannis at all costs. Demidov left a trail of bodies in his wake as he tracked down Brannis to a home in New Jersey, where Brannis had already been apprehended by Agent Carter and Edwin Jarvis. While they were driving Brannis back into the city in a truck filled with Stark's Nitramene devices, Demidov ambushed them by jumping on top of their truck. Agent Carter crawled onto the roof to fight him, but a stray bullet hit Brannis, mortally wounding him. Agent Carter eventually nailed Demidov's hand to the roof of the truck, and pulled Brannis and Jarvis out of it as it went over a cliff. The Nitramene devices all went off at once, creating a huge explosion, killing Demidov.[3][4]


Skilled assassin


Like Leet Brannis, Leviathan removed his voice box, making Demidov unable to speak.

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