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The Sasquatch family are a group of humanoid beasts hiding in the forests of British Columbia. Humans call their species Sasquatch or Bigfoot, but it is unknown what they call themselves. They are sentient but can not speak, and apparently do not understand human languages.[1] They habitually avoid humanity and their kind has done so for centuries. Because their instincts tell them that being discovered will threaten their continued existence.[1]

When Department H decided to recreate Alpha Flight, there was a memo calling for them to re-collect as many former members of the team as possible. Their search for Walter Langkowski was futile, because he was out of the country at the time. His last known location was somewhere northwest of the South Pole. The day after the memo circulated, a local hunter of British Columbia spotted a male member of the family and reported the sighting to the authorities. The report made its way to a Department H computer bank and the beast was misidentified as the missing Langkowski. The identification was followed by a decision for his immediate retrieval, and the Department captured the beast to recruit it for Alpha Flight. He became the new Sasquatch of the team.[1]

When the Sasquatch of Alpha Flight managed to escape from Department H headquarters in Toronto, he started a trek across Canada in search of his family and children. He found them and returned to the forests of British Columbia, but was then located by Puck who had been sent to retrieve him. Sasquatch viewed his former teammate as a threat to his children and tried to kill Puck.[1]

Epsilon Flight guards then came and tranquilized both Sasquatch and Puck, retrieving them for Department H. The Sasquatch family and General Jeremy Clarke kept staring at each other for a while, but the beast were too intimidated to attack. While Clarke and his Epsilons found out about their existence, the General decided to keep this as a secret.[1]

It was later revealed that the Sasquatches gather once a year at the City of Sasquatches. Hulk once defended the city from Kraven the Hunter.[2]








  • Old Squatchy (Leader)
  • Sasquatch (Deceased)
  • At least five unnamed members of various sizes and colorations.


  • The majority of humanity thinks of them as creatures of folklore and are unaware of their existence. Besides members of Department H, it is unclear if anyone knows the truth.[1]
  • The Sasquatch beast demonstrated superhuman strength and durability. It is possible his family members share these traits, though have not been depicted using them in combat.[1]
  • The Sasquatch beast acted as the protector of his family and was more aggressive than them.[1] It is possible that he was the alpha male of the group.

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