In the winter of 1942, the sorcerer known as Balthar attempted to summon the Devil while in a secluded region of Bald Mountain. He summoned a being calling itself Satan who endowed Balthar with a gaze of death and the "Lamp of Evil", making the mortal sorcerer his emissary on Earth and charging him with finding Earth's greatest champion of good, so that Satan might defeat him and then plunge the world all the way into chaos. Satan then returned to his Hell realm and left Balthar to complete his mission.

Balthar determined that this individual was Captain America and kidnapped the hero's sidekick Bucky in order to lure the hero to Bald Mountain. There, Cap killed Balthar by redirecting his death gaze back at the sorcerer, killing him.

However, Balthar succeeded in his appointed task, and with Captain America on Bald Mountain, the being calling itself Satan returned. He then challenged Captain America to a battle, and despite his demonic powers, Captain America was able to fight off the creature. Unwilling to admit defeat, Satan attempted to make another attack, but suddenly became frightened by the look in Captain America's eyes and retreating back to his domain, promising the hero that he would return when the time was ripe.[1]


The exact extend of Satan's powers are unknown. He showed the ability to increase his size, summon flames, as well as increase a mortal's mystical abilities and endow him with a death stare.


Apparently Satan proved to be no match for the so called champion of good, but if this was a true weakness or some kind of demonic manipulation remains unrevealed.

It is unknown if this version of Satan is one of the many Hell-Lords who called themselves Satan at one time or another, or another entity all together.

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