The possibly imaginary realm of Nowhere has its own underworld called Hades, which is fashioned after many of the Hell Realms and nether dimensions connected to Earth. This version of Hades is ruled by its own version of Satan. He rules over Hades but apparently only punishes those who are truly bad or evil. When his realm was visited by Jimmy Jupiter who was trying to find a route to China, Satan allowed the boy safe passage through Hades, even assigning an aid named Werjil to the task. When Jimmy was briefly sidetracked from the path, he ended up in a classroom where Satan presided. Satan asked Jimmy the question "How do you get down off an elephant?" When Jimmy was able to correctly answer the question, he was allowed to continue on his quest.[1]


The full range of Satan's powers are unknown. He appears to be able to alter his size and proportions and command fire.

This Satan should not be confused with Mephisto, Marduk Kurios, Satannish, or any other similar Hell-Lords who called themselves Satan at one time or another.

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