This page is about the entity known as "Satan", the "Beast", the "Serpent", the "Devil", whether it is an existing being, any being using the name but not identified as another "Satan" (such as Mephisto, Lucifer, Marduk Kurios, etc.) or the merger of many beings into a collective "Satan".
It is possible that the fallen angel known both as Shaitan and Satan is that Satan in some cases.


One angel, known both as Shaitan and Satan, was possibly cast out of Heaven and became a fallen angel,[5] possibly for participating in Lucifer's rebellion.

Facts and statements

It is known for a fact that many of the numerous demons uses the identity of Satan and/or sometimes merge into a gestalt entity.[6][7]

At some point after 18,000 BC, Marduk Kurios and other demons would capitalize on the human belief in a single lord of evil: "Satan" (Adversary in Hebrew), each of them claiming be to Satan and ruling over Hell (naming their own realms that way).[6][1]

Marduk once stated that he had inspired himself from the Satan of the Bible, originally the angel Lucifer, but also stated that he doubted such a being existed.[8] Karnak stated that Satan was just a story.[9]

The Devil's Advocacy

The Devil's Advocacy was a place of gathering where demons crowded around Satan's empty throne, placing themselves more or less close to the seat as an illustration of how high they think of themselves. While many demons have claimed to be the true Satan, none ever dared to sit on the thorne, as they'd be torn apart by all others.[10]

Identity confusion

Many demons started using the name Satan, including fallen angels Beelzeboul,[11] Beelzebub,[12] Lucifer,[13] Samael,[14] but also other demons, such as Marduk Kurios,[1] Mephisto[15] (although Mephisto alleged to have never called himself Satan),[10] Satannish,[16] Thog,[17] and even by the Neyaphem (ancient demon-looking mutant) Azazel.[18]

Some cultures believed the entity now known as the Bete Noir was a demonic being such as Beelzebub, Mephistopheles or Satan.[19]

The god-thing known as Malik Tous, as the allegedly sole dark master over the souls of men, was also known under others identities, including Satan, Ahriman and Beelzebub.[20]

When summoning Mephisto, Doom invoked Satan's name along with Beelzebub's, Thog's and Baphomet's.[21]

Events attributed to Satan

Many events have been attributed to Satan, either as the merger of many beings, or by "a" Satan that hasn't been identified as one of the known users of the name.

Hyborian Age

The Zuagirs didn't fear the Devil.[22]


  • The Devil was told to have a "hundred names" circa 13,000 B.C.[23]

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