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The Satanians are a race of highly advanced humanoids that live on the planet Satania. They were ruled by a king and worshiped the Sun. In 1951 they were under the belief that their world was being pulled into the sun and plotted to take over the colony built by the Eternals of Uranus. They sent their agent Casimar to Uranus and try to create animosity on Uranus by causing the masses to rise up against their rulers. This rabble rousing caused Marvel Boy to investigate the social disobedience. Learning of Casimar's connection to the Satanians, Marvel Boy and his Youth Squad captured him.

Ruler of the Satanians

Marvel Boy then traveled to Satania where he was brought before the leader of the Satanians. Marvel Boy pleaded to him to not invade Uranus. When this failed, Marvel Boy kidnapped Princess Satana and brought her to Uranus to see the life that the Eternals had made for themselves there. He then used their technology to give Satana proof that Satania was not being pulled into the sun. Satana and Marvel Boy then brought this information to her father who realized the errors of his ways and stopped his plans for invasion.[1]



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Earth standard


Earth standard


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Level of Technology

Advanced, the Satanians have constructed space craft that could travel between planets. They also developed advanced laser weapons and other advanced technology.


The master, Satana, Casimar

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