Immediately following the Civil War, Anthony Stark was appointed the director of S.H.I.E.L.D.. As a futurist, he foresaw severe repercussions resulting from the war, and took measures to safeguard Earth in the event of an attack that Earth's heroes could not repel. To this end, he designed and built in secret a satellite station in orbit around the Earth. Not even the upper echelon of S.H.I.E.L.D. was aware of its existence.

The armor deployed

In the event that an enemy force should ever find a way to compromise Stark's technology, Tony was careful not to include any of his patented Starktech designs into the station's construction. Stark's fears became realized during the Secret Invasion when a squadron of Skrulls based out of the Savage Land found a way to destabilize Tony's Iron Man Armor. Fearing that his own death was imminent, Stark sent out a holographic distress signal to his close friend Jim Rhodes, with instructions to take command of the satellite.[1]

Assisting Rhodes was the former Force Works member known as Cybermancer. Rhodes assumed control of the satellite's command hub, and with Cybermancer's expertise, discovered that the entire station was actually one giant Iron Man armor. Rhodey transformed the satellite into its armor mode and effectively destroyed a Skrull armada that had been approaching the Earth with all its firepower.[2]

Shortly thereafter, Rhodey reunited with one of his old contemporaries, Parnell Jacobs. He relocated Jacobs to the satellite whereupon he began performing diagnostics and repair duties upon War Machine's cybernetic systems.[3]

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