Satokata Matsu was a Japanese spy sent to America in the 1940's to perpetuate subversive acts to undermine American security. One of his missions involved stealing the plans of a supposedly unsinkable ship. To this end, he attempted to kill his only opposition, Merzah the Mystic, by sabotaging the train that the crime fighter and his assistant Diana Lanford were riding in. Although the train would wreck, Merzah and Diana survived, and Merzah's powers allowed him to learn that Matsu was responsible. Learning of Merzah's survival, Matsu called his agents together and challenged Merzah to meet with him. Merzah and Diana met at Matsu's hideout where they were overpowered and captured. Taken to another hideout in the country, Merzah telepathically advised his driver Jose Abejaron where Matsu had taken them. Jose accidentally alerted Matsu and his men of his presence, and another fight broke out. While the heroes were busy with Matsu's men, Matsu attempted to flee the scene. He was pursued by Merzah and Jose, who shot out one of the tires of Matu's car, causing him to get into a fatal car wreck, ending his plots against America for good.[2]


No known paranormal powers.


Matsu was a professional spy.

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