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The Satori were an alien species, whose homeworld was destroyed over a generation ago by the Kree.[1]

One of their ships made its way to the Earth, and it was retrieved by Alpha Flight; however, all the Satori on board had died due to their stasis pods malfunctioning.[2] The vessel became attached to their space station, and began to take it over. The entire ship's technology was also designed to amplify Kree DNA, seek it out, and destroy it, for which half-Kree crew member Captain Marvel was heavily affected physically and psychologically by the presence of the ship, losing almost all of the potential of her powers, and having recollections of the original Kree Captain Marvel in the form of hallucinations of his time fighting the Satori.

After Alpha Flight had to jettison the module of the station infected by the ship, a second Satori ship approached,[1] with its crew alive, unlike the other. When several smaller ships disembarked from the main vessel with trajectory towards the space station, Captain Marvel managed to capture one of the Satori soldiers.

Alpha Flight treated the soldier's injuries and tried to clear up that they had nothing to do with the Kree or their home planet, Hala, with barely effective results. Captain Marvel gave the soldier one of Alpha Flight's ships to get back to the main vessel as an act of good faith. When the soldier returned to the Satori ship, he was shot down, even after clearing up that he was one of their own.[3]


Level of Technology

Advanced; interstellar ships (which are organic and self-repairing),[4][5] biological interfaces,[3] deflector shields,[3] electromagnetic shields,[3] regenerating bombs,[1] directed energy weapons (beams)[3]


Zory [6]


  • "Satori" is Japanese for "enlightenment."

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