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The third known world to be the Throneworld of the Skrull Empire. The Skrulls originally were from Skrullos but later Tarnax IV became the Throneworld. After Tarnax IV was destroyed by Galactus and S'Byll ascended to the Skrull throne her homeworld of Satriani was made the new throneworld. Satriani was where the future Skrull warlord and empress, S'byll was raised.[1] During the reign of S'byll, the Impossible Man visited the planet and briefly plagued the imperial throneworld with his antics.[2]

The Power Skrull and Devos would later capture and bring the Fantastic Four to the throneworld. Devos betrayed Paibok and assaulted the planet using his Death Cruiser. During the fighting Paibok boarded the ship and sabotaged its warp drive, sending it far away from the Andromeda galaxy.[3] Veranke was brought back from exile after prophetic warnings had come true (the destruction of the throneworld by Galactus and the devastating Annihilation War). She presented herself to the Skrull people on Satriani as their Queen and revealed her plans to conquer Earth.[4]



  • Satriani lies in the center of the Andromeda Galaxy


  • Likely named for Joe Satriani, an American guitarist whose second full-length album was called "Surfing with the Alien" and featured the Silver Surfer on the cover.
  • Emperor Dorreck of the Skrull empire is seen ruling the Skrull empire from Satriani in New Avengers Vol 1 40. This is a continuity error. Dorreck led the Skrull empire from the throneworld Tarnax IV until he was murdered by his queen. Tarnax IV was later eaten by Galactus which resulted in 5 claimants vying for the Skrull throne. Only when S'Byll exposed Nenora the leader of the Kree empire as a Skrull and killed her was she made Empress and her homeworld Satriani regarded as the new throneworld.[5]

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