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The planet Saturn is the sixth planet from Earth's sun and is best known of the many planetary rings around the planet.[citation needed] In most realities, Saturn is a planet that is devoid of life.[citation needed]


The planet Saturn is believed to be uninhabited although many alien races have claimed to come from Saturn.[citation needed]

Before the rise of man

Tsathoggua the Toad-God, one of the Great Old Ones, lived for some years on Saturn among the powerful aliens that inhabited the planet prior the rise of man, before coming to Earth.[2]

Eternals on Titan

Saturn's moon of Titan has been home to the Eternals of Titan for centuries.[3]

Modern Age

In recent times, a group of Kronan invaders set up a base on Saturn. Encountering the Asgardian thunder god Thor, they claimed to be "Stone Men from Saturn".[4] They abandoned their base after they were defeated by Thor.[5]

Alternate realities


In this reality, space travel and exploration blossomed in the 1950s, life exists on Saturn in the form of humanoid Saturnians with large brows, incredible intelligence and minor telepathic abilities. They are part of the Galaxy council, an federation of planets in Earth's solar system. Their most prominent citizen is LLA 38 who is part of the Space Squadron peace keeping force.[6]

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