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Saucer-Ship from Machines of Doom
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The Saucer Ship or Saucer-Ship was plate-shaped flying ship with silver-and-gold-colored hull, two stunted wings and a dorsal fin. It had vertical take-off-and-landing capacities and could remain static in flight for a long time, or it could up to[1] 3,750 mph in atmospheric flight[2] and almost-interplanetary speed in space. It was also armed with three rotatory laser cannons.[1] More impressively, the Saucer Ship was hidden from almost any form of detection, including naked sight and devices[1][3] such as IR and UV light, radio waves, and conventional radar, sonar and radiation emission - and of course it flied silently.[1] Doom's doppleganger robots had specialized technology to detect the ship.[3]

Doom built one saucer-ship, hidden in an underground hangar under the patio of New York Latverian Embassy,[1] with a specific mechanism that allowed the ground to move for the ship to take off.[3] The ship had only two decks: A lower cargo hold and an upper bridge.[1]

Saucer-Ship from Fantastic Four 246

Saucer Ship

When Doom was deposed as ruler of Latveria by King Zorba, his Doombots started the pre-defined Plan Epsilon to restore him to power. The Doombots took Doom's mindless body to the Saucer Ship's bridge and used a machine to restore his intellect. At the same time, they also captured the Fantastic Four by summoning them to the Embassy, then making them fall in pits. While they believed to be in the Embassy's basements, they had been discreetly moved to the Saucer Ship's hold. Indeed, they discovered that[3] they had been travelling -undetected- to Latveria the whole time![1][3] With the Fantastic Four's help, Doom recovered Latveria's throne, then graciously allowed the superheroes to leave the country.[4]

Alternate Realities

Deeds of Doom (Earth-TRN564)

In Earth-TRN564, a team of meddlesome superheroes allowed the evil cult Darkholders to take control over Doctor Doom's robot Doomsman III, which they intended to use to attack Latveria's capital Doomstadt and Doctor Doom's Castle. A Doombot pretending to be Doom himself convinced the heroes of their mistake and recruited them to help defending Doomstadt. The Doombot took the heroes to Castle Doom in a Saucer-Ship, where he revealed to be just a doppleganger. The heroes were received by Doom. Once the attack began, Doom allowed them to take the Saucer Ship again to travel to Doomstadt and confront the Doomsman.[5]


Called "Saucer Ship" by the narrator in Fantastic Four #246, but "Saucer-Ship" in Machines of Doom and "saucer-ship" in Deeds of Doom.

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