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Saul was born to Zebadiah and Victoria Creed. As a child, he was frequently beaten and bullied by his older brother Victor, who maintained a tradition of beating his brother on his birthday. Once, Victor gave Saul a choice; be beaten, or maim their sister Clara. Saul chose to hurt his sister, just as Victor hoped.[3]

Eventually, Saul and Clara set out on their own, finding work with a circus owner. While there, they encountered Wolverine, who had been recently captured to be used as an attraction, and experimented on by Mr. Sinister. Despite Saul's misgivings, Clara convinced him to help free Wolverine. Clara and Wolverine developed feelings for each other, and in a fit of jealousy, Saul sold them out to Sinister. Sinister stormed their safe house, and seemingly killed Clara (who later re-awakened due to her healing factor). Wolverine and Saul attacked Essex's compound, where the truth of Saul's involvement was revealed and that Saul and Essex planned on wiping out Wolverine's mind and memories with a potion Essex cooked up. In a fit of rage, Wolverine held Saul down in the vat of Essex's mind wipe elixir, drowning Saul. Clara told Wolverine she didn't condone him harming people anymore than she did her brother. She ordered Wolverine to leave her now that she had seen the "real" cold-blooded monster he was. Four months later, when Victor came around to torture Saul, Clara told him that Saul was "where [he couldn't] hurt him anymore", so that Victor will never bother their deceased brother again.[3]



Regenerative Healing Factor: Like Victor, Saul possessed a superhuman healing factor. [3]

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