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The Defilement of All Things[]

When the Avengers battled the Goddess of the Night Nyx, the Hyborian Age berserker Conan emerged in present day to assist them in their fight. Following their triumph over Nyx, Conan did no return, relocating to the Savage Land.[1] Ironically, his deadly nemesis Kulan Gath had also been residing in the Savage Land, acquiring power by cannibalizing sorcerers for knowledge.[2] In order to bring chaos to Earth, Kulan Gath wished to revive the Jhoatun Lau, the Marrow God. Through his disciple, the Sickle Priest, as well as agents of the Hand and of an Ancient Egyptian cult, Gath kidnapped artists and warriors as sacrificial lambs for his plans.[3] One of his victims was related to the lethal mutant warrior Wolverine, catching his attention.[4] Wolverine teamed up with Conan to save the victims, which included the necromancer Brother Voodoo. Another target was the Punisher, whose family's graves were desecrated to lure him.[5] The Punisher was intercepted by the deadly ninja Elektra, who investigated the Hand's involvement in the crisis.[6]

Kulan Gath proved to be more powerful than anticipated, managing to summon the Marrow God despite his opponents' efforts.[6] The monstrosity was unleashed on Shanghai, where the lethal protector Venom joined the other antiheroes in their battle, having been attracted by a symbiote Conan had merged with to cure a lethal wound.[7] The Marrow God was destroyed by the assassins, who avenged those who had been slain. However, Kulan Gath vanished with his followers. Voodoo decided to follow him, but not before asking Elektra to contact the Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange to inform him about the threat Gath posed. Wolverine, Elektra, and Venom were teleported away from the Savage Land.[8] However, the Punisher and Conan chose to journey back by themselves. They parted ways in South America, with Conan spending time in Brazil,[9] where he soon identified Gath's evil influence in the local crime. The superspy Black Widow and the son of satan Hellstorm investigated the issue as well, temporarily joining Conan in battle.[10]

Being in possession of an amulet from Gath, Conan was kidnapped by Doctor Doom to Latveria.[11] Doctor Doom and Conan were approached by Doctor Strange, who had been updated by Elektra. Eventually, Doom identified the amulet had been booby trapped by Kulan Gath, who emerged before his three enemies.[12] Following a difficult battle, Gath was momentarily fended off. However, Brother Boodoo succumbed to Gath, being consumed by the dark creature Shuma-Gorath. It was revealed that Kulan Gath planned to consume Shuma-Gorath's power. Strange then prepared himself for another encounter with the dark magician.[13] Conan battled victims Gath infected with Shuma-Gorath's essence in Mexico, where he was assisted by Venom.[14] Meanwhile, Strange investigated Kulan Gath's past, realizing Conan might play a crucial role in his defeat. This prompted Doctor Strange and Elektra to formally assemble a team formed by those who had faced Kulan Gath recently.[2] To round up his team, he recruited the mutant sorceress Magik, who had faced Gath in the past.[15] After resurrecting Voodoo, Strange and Elektra finally recruited Conan to join their "Savage Avengers."[16]

Doctor Strange communed with Shuma-Gorath to keep him aware of Kulan Gath's attack.[17] Part of the team was assigned of combatting Gath's acolytes and end the corruption brought by the use of Shuma-Gorath's essence, executing the Sickle Priest in the process. As such, Gath lost his ability to feast on Shuma-Gorath.[18] Another group was to retrieve the Eye of Power from the dragon Sadurang. Magik recruited the unstoppable Juggernaut and the wielder of the Ebony Blade Black Knight for the quest.[19] Magik trapped Sadurang in Limbo, securing the Eye of Power for Strange. Fully prepared, the savage assembly of champions waited for Gath to emerge again.[20] Afterwards, Conan adapted himself to the modern world, meeting other super heroes and engaging in adventures.[21] Most prominently, he crossed paths with the Spirit of Vengeance Ghost Rider, who also hunted Kulan Gath.[22]

Kulan Gath returned and revived the Sickle Priest to strike against his enemies.[23] Conan returned to Doctor Strange to stop the malignant wizard. With no other option, Strange slayed Shuma-Gorath using a dagger laced with the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak. However, Gath had already been empowered to the point of unleashing his army of followers upon Earth to conquer it.[24] In a possible outcome, Kulan Gath conquered Earth. Decades in the future, Conan was approached in the devastated world by Kang the Conqueror,[25] who sent Conan back in time to duel Kulan Gath with no success.[26] In the Savage Land, Kulan Gath tracked Doctor Strange, Doctor Doom, and Kang in retaliation. Present-day Conan was able to join the fight, buying enough time for Kang to assemble the Savage Avengers.[27] By stabbing Gath with the mystical dagger that had killed Shuma-Gorath, he was infected by the extradimensional monster. The Savage Avengers celebrated their victory in Castle Doom.[28]


  • The Savage Avengers were created as a parting gift for long-time Marvel artist Mike Deodato Jr.. Five months before his exclusivity contract with Marvel Comics expired, he was asked for a list of his favorite characters, and they became the team's first roster.[29]

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