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Synopsis for "The Man Within: Part Three of Four"

Within Bruce Banner's secret lab in the Nevada desert, the X-Men are attempting to cure Banner of his transformations into the Hulk. Unfortunately, something goes wrong and the gamma energy transfers itself to Marvel Girl, transforming her into a Hulk. Witnessing this transformation, Bruce Banner reminds Professor X that this would be a dangerous experiment. They witness as the gamma radiation boosts Marvel Girl's telepathy to even greater degrees. Banner explains that gamma radiation has different effects on each individual. When Charles attempts to get Jean to calm down, the other X-Men stand in his way and tell him to back off. Marvel Girl then gains control and assures the Professor that she has not become a mindless monster and that she was merely testing the limits of her new powers. Explaining that she can now telekinetically manipulate matter on a molecular level, she displays this power by changing her ripped clothing into a new costume for herself, appropriating Lorna Dane's headdress to complete the new ensemble. When the other X-Men begin fawning over Jean, Charles realizes that she has them under her telepathic influence.

Jean uses her powers to incapacitate Xavier and she refuses to let him examine her as she prefers this form. The other X-Men also voice their dissent over being used as pawns in Xavier's agenda. Suddenly, one of the walls to the lab is blown open and a horde of machines come spilling into the room. As the X-Men fight off these new invaders, Bruce Banner picks up Xavier and makes a run for safety. Professor X tries to convince his students that they are at a disadvantage and to fall back with him, but they will not listen to him any longer. Once they round the corner, Charles finds himself suddenly alone in a vast field and surprisingly able to walk again. He suddenly realizes that he is actually inside Bruce Banner's mind. As soon as he makes this realization, a klaxon begins to sound alerting him of his proximity to a gamma bomb. Suddenly, Bruce Banner runs out and tells Xavier to get to cover. Realizing that they are reliving the accident that turned Bruce into the Hulk, Charles tries to talk him out of wasting time in this mindscape. However, they suddenly change roles: with Xavier turning into the scientist, and Banner into a child. The youthful Banner warns Professor X that the Hulk is stronger than he could ever imagine. Banner then leaps into the protective trench just as the gamma bomb goes off.

Caught in the blast, Xavier has turned into a Hulk himself, however, he is unwilling to play along with this mind game. Regardless of this, Xavier is suddenly attacked by an army of the Hulk's enemies. Charles is easily trounced by all these foes but still refuses to fight, stating that he is a man of logic. After the attackers depart, Xavier is approached by Banner again. When he asks why Bruce is doing this, Banner isn't sure that he is. He then tells Charles that they have bigger problems. Suddenly, they find themselves among massive versions of Banner's fractured psyche, which includes various incarnations of the Hulk. In order to protect them, Xavier uses his mental powers to create a mental safe space for them. Back in adult form, Bruce explains that he is constantly struggling with his various personas but this time they are more powerful because something is supercharging his brain. This has caused a struggle between Bruce's mind and the Hulk and he isn't sure how much more he can take it. When he reveals that his body is reacting to outside stimulus and that the robot attack was real, Xavier suddenly snaps back into reality. He discovers that he and his X-Men are prisoners of the Leader.

The gamma-spawned genius warns Charles against using his telepathic powers as it will trigger the bombs the X-Men are strapped with. Xavier refuses to help the Leader in his plans, but the Leader informs him that he already has: using the device they prepared to try and cure Bruce Banner, the Leader has turned him into a gamma battery, a battery he intends to drain.

Solicit Synopsis


  • Who, or what, is the newest gamma-powered goliath?!
  • Robots, mutants and Hulks, oh my!
  • To what lengths will Charles Xavier go to save Bruce Banner?


Continuity Notes

  • Bruce Banner and Charles Xavier relive the gamma bomb accident that created the Hulk, as seen in Incredible Hulk #1.
  • Among the different personas fighting in Bruce Banner's mind there are the following versions of the Hulk:
    • The Grey Hulk which was first seen in Incredible Hulk #1. This Hulk has appeared periodically over the years.
    • Various incarnations of the more predominant Green Hulk, first seen in Incredible Hulk #2.
    • Lastly, the Devil Hulk, a persona driven by absolute evil first seen in Incredible Hulk (Vol. 2) #12.

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