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Appearing in "Down to the Crossroads - Part Two"

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Synopsis for "Down to the Crossroads - Part Two"

Doctor Strange and SHIELD Agent Becerra have come to the planet Decopodia, in another dimension, to investigate claims that the Hulk is responsible for acts of genocide. They find him in a cave gorging on a mass of the insectoid creatures that live on this world. Strange attempts to appeal to the mind of Bruce Banner, even though it is absent from the Hulk. Unfortunately, the gamma-spawned brute can only remember how Doctor Strange was the one responsible for banishing him to this life and attacks. Strange defends himself and talk sense to the Hulk but his pleas fall on deaf ears. With no other choice, Stephen tries to cast a spell that will send the Hulk back to the Crossroads. However, some counterspell has blocked him and he and Becerra are forced to flee.

On their way back to the alien city, Strange explains how the recall spell works and that they must make the Hulk dissatisfied with this dimension so it is triggered. Becerra tells Strange that the insectoid corpses in the cave appeared to be ancient. When they come upon the city they are shocked to discover that it has advanced by centuries since they were there. They arrive at a council building where the this world's leaders are debating about using their newest weapon to destroy the Hulk. Strange interrupts the proceedings and warns that their next attempt to destroy the creature could annihilate their planet. The leader of the insectoids tells of how their fathers built a robot to destroy the creature and failed. Their measurement of time makes no sense to Strange and Becerra as they witnessed this earlier in the day. They are then called out by Master Ebbin's former assistant Korv, who is now this realm's Sorcerer Supreme. They notice how much older he is now, and suddenly Doctor Strange realizes what is going on.

He explains to all gathered that the passage of time on this world is much faster. When the Hulk first arrived in this dimension there were no sentient life forms, thus this world met the criteria of Strange's spell. The Hulk fed on the primitive creatures that existed on this world when he first arrived. Since generations passed in a matter of hours, these beings evolved into the advanced race they are now. He then explains that the Hulk actually helped advance their evolution and hasn't killed any of their people since they became sentient. Still, Korv intends to destroy the Hulk using their latest invention, a gamma bomb. Horrified, Strange explains that this bomb will have no effect on the Hulk and they will kill themselves. Unable to transport the bomb away due to the counterspell, Strange realizes that Korv is the on responsible and it was he that his master Ebbin warned Strange of before his death.

Before he can act on this discovery, the Hulk arrives outside the city, searching for Strange. Strange flies toward the Hulk to try and stop him but he is opposed by Korv. The traitorous magician explains that he wishes the gamma bomb to go off so that he can rule over the survivors. When Strange tries to fight him off he is knocked aside. Becerra catches up to Doctor Strange and tells him that they must convince Korv the folly of his plan. Stephen believes that Korv has gone insane and cannot be reasoned with. He then realizes who he can convince to stop the destruction of this world. Approaching the Hulk, Doctor Strange shows him illusions of a gamma bomb explosion and explains how the beings on this world will risk annihilation to stop him. If this happens, the Hulk will be here alone. The Hulk realizes that he doesn't have much of a choice. Seeing the gamma bomb has been launched, the Hulk leaps up and grabs the bomb while it is in mid-air. It's then that the recall spell kicks in teleporting the Hulk and the bomb away. Back in the Crossroads dimension, the Hulk tosses the bomb through another portal where it blows up harmlessly on a desert world. The Hulk finds himself alone again with only the Puffball Collective to keep him company. Back on that alien world, Doctor Strange tells the leaders of the planet of Korv's machinations and turn him over for punishment.

When Doctor Strange and Agent Becerra return to Earth, two days have passed since their departure. The government officials are shocked to see them suddenly appear in the middle of another hearing. Agent Becerra then tells the government officials that Doctor Strange did the right thing and they should trust his judgement in the future.

Solicit Synopsis


• An inter-dimensional race against oncoming ARMAGEDDON!!!

• Will HULK destroy an entire city to get revenge on DOCTOR STRANGE?

• Can Strange reach the humanity in Hulk in order to save them all?


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