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The Savage Land Mutates seemingly had a similar history as their Earth-616 counterparts. They were Savage Land natives who were assembled by Magneto. He experimented on them, giving them powers. They eventually recruited Sauron.


The Savage Land Mutates were taken over by Tyrax, who used them to recreate and prefect Magneto's equipment as well as guard Arcadia. They kidnapped Ka-Zar and locked hum within the city. Once the Mutagenic Machine was completed, Tyrax used it on dinosaurs to create Dinosauroids. The Savage Land Mutates came in conflict with Badrock, Wolverine, and Zabu. The three stormed Arcadia and freed Kar-Zar. They defeated the Savage Land Mutates and reverted the Dinosauroids. During the battle; however, Tyrax fled and Sauron turned back to Karl Lykos. Afterwards, Kar-Zar exiled the Savage Land Mutates, minus Lykos, from the Savage Land.[1]

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