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She-Hulk is trying to get Randolph Harrison’s signed statement back to Los Angeles, but dawn is breaking and she doesn’t want to be seen. She thinks how only she, as Jennifer Walters, can help Randolph. She wishes that she could control her transformations so she could become Jen again. She looks down on the road and thinks that no sane driver would stop to give her a ride. She-Hulk hides behind a billboard. As a truck drives by she leaps out and grabs the back of the truck. She-Hulk claws out a portion of the door and climbs through the hole she made. She looks at the driver and thinks that he is lucky that he didn’t hear her.

An hour later, the truck has come to a stop locked in traffic. She-Hulk slams out of the back. The driver gets out to see what the noise was. She-Hulk is saying that she is close enough to walk from here as she hammers the door back into place. The driver shouts for the police. She-Hulk tells him to save it, and that there is never a cop around when you need one. Suddenly, the cops are on the scene and She-Hulk says that she doesn’t believe it. One of the cops tells his partner to be careful since she is dangerous. The other cop says that she may be green and strong, but that she is just another dumb broad to him. She-Hulk says that she will show them, and that if they want to fight she will fight. She-Hulk stops and realizes that she is acting mindless. She thinks to herself that she has no quarrel with the police. She reasons that they are on the same side even if they don’t know it. Suddenly a swarm of people start running as they try to get away from She-Hulk. The police can’t fire, and She-Hulk leaps away by hopping on the top of people’s cars.

She-Hulk sticks to the shadows, the back alleys, and sneaks in the back door to her apartment. She-Hulk says that she is so tired. She collapses on the bed, and Randolph’s signed statement falls to the floor. The alarm goes off at 7 AM, but She-Hulk just smashes it and goes back to sleep.

Sometime later, Jen awakens to a knock on her door. It’s Zapper. He says that she has to come with him right away. He says that he found a guy that can help her, but that they don’t have any time to spare. Jen says that she feels awful. Zapper says that if why she can’t waste time. Zapper says that the doctor told him that the treatment would take a week or two. Jen says that she has to file some papers first. Zapper tells Jen not to be noble. He tells her that she is deathly sick. He says that he didn’t want to scare her, but that she may die. Jen says that a few more hours won’t matter, and that the papers will be in motion while she is away. Zapper asks why she can’t just drop it. Jen says that Zapper didn’t see the expression of hope on the Harrison’s faces. She asks Zapper how he knows that they can trust Dr. Morbius. She says that he is mass murderer, and that he will know that she is the She-Hulk. Zapper asks what choice she has. He says that she has always been too dedicated. Jen says that she will take care of the business, and that then she will go to the doctor. Zapper hopes that she is alive that long.

In her office, Jen takes some aspirin. She thinks that maybe she should have gone with Zapper. The Harrisons knock on the door and enter. Mr. Harrison says that Jen looks a little pale. Jen says that she is feeling under the weather. They ask her to tell them everything about their son. Jen tells them how she got Randolph to sign the statement saying that he is being held against his will. Jen says that she filed the papers yesterday. She tells them that she will be away for a while, but that it will be okay since The Word will most likely try and stall the case as long as he can. She tells them that it is an open and shut case, and that they will have their son back soon. As soon as Jen closes the door on the Harrisons she clutches her head. She says that the pain has never been this bad, and that she hopes that it isn’t too late.

At the Word’s compound, Randolph, Ultima, and Word are discussing strategy. Randolph asks what they are going to do. The Word says that he will just use delaying tactics to put it off for a long time. Ultima tells Word that she demands the satisfaction of seeing the lawyer lady going down. Word asks why they should bother. Ultima says that if he doesn’t use his talents to stop her cold in public that she is going to stop her in private. Randolph says that he has agreed to stay there forever with her, and he doesn’t see why she is so upset. Word says that Randolph has a point. He says that he thinks that Ultima is judging Miss Walters too harshly. He says that this isn’t personal. Ultima crushes the glass in her hand and says that he better bet that it is personal. She says that she tried to put the moves on her Randolph, and that she humiliated her. Ultima picks up a statue and slams it down against a table. She says that she wants her destroyed, and that if he won’t do it that she will. Word says that he had no idea she was so distraught. He says that if that is what she wants that he will work his wiles on Miss Walters though he doesn’t know why. Ultima thinks to herself that she can’t tell her father about the She-Hulk. She says that he doesn’t know that the first time she was put to the test that she failed against She-Hulk. Randolph looks at the statue and thinks how it weighed at least two hundred pounds. Word says that of all his achievements that he is proudest of Ultima. He asks if he has ever denied her anything. He says that she is the living embodiment of all his ideals. He says that she has never let him down so he will never let her down. He says that he will teach Miss Walters a lesson. Randy says that he thought Word agreed with him. Word says that Randy doesn’t want to deprive his daughter of her just due. He says that he won’t abide him trifling with her affections. Ultima tells Randy not to let the facts come between his feelings for her. Randy gives in. Word says that Jennifer Walters will learn what happens when she goes against him. Ultima says that she is so happy. She picks Randy up in a hug and twirls her around. Randy tells her to take it easy.

Later that evening, Jen is sitting down to dinner with Zapper. She says that she is feeling better now, and that the attack seems to have passed. Zapper says that they will eat a nice dinner and then head to Dr. Morbius. Jen says that she hopes the cure doesn’t interfere with the Harrison case. She says that she has to start depositions soon. Zapper says that she said herself that there would be plenty time before round two. Jen gets a phone call. Bukowski is calling Jen. He congratulates her and says that the Word has gone wild. He says that she will get to strut her stuff immediately. Jen asks if it can’t wait. Bukowski says that the trial is set for tomorrow. Jen says that is impossible. Buck says that it isn’t when one has the pull that the Word has. Jen hangs up and tells Zapper that she has to prepare for her court case tonight. Zapper yells at Jen that she is dying. He says that he is taking her to Morbius. Jen uses her lawyer arguing skills and gets Zapper to take her home. She figures that it will be a short case with the signed statement.

The next morning outside the courtroom, Buck tells Jen that he needs to brief her before she makes any mistakes. He says that the Word is very cagey. He tells her not to blow their chance. Jen blows by him and tells him to bug off. He tells her that if she isn’t ready not to get railroaded. He says that she can file for a postponement. She says that this won’t take long.

Jen walks into the court. Word welcomes her and says that she has kept them waiting. Jen says that he is already trying to seize the psychological advantage, and that his tactics won’t work in court. The judge reprimands Jen and tells her not to argue anything but the facts of the case. He says that if she tries to influence the jury that he will fine her for contempt. Word hopes that Jen will forgive them for inconveniencing her, but that they believe that justice is best served swift and sure. He says that he is acting as his own counsel. Jen calls Mabel Harrison to the stand. Jen tells her to tell the court what she feels has happened to her son. She says that she believes that he has been brainwashed, and that he is being held against his will. Jen asks her to explain why. Mrs. Harrison says that Randy went six months ago to hear the Word speak, and that they haven’t heard from him since. Jen turns her over to the Word. Word says that he understands Mrs. Harrison’s concerns, but asks her if she doesn’t want her son to be happy. Mrs. Harrison says that she does. Word says that they want the same thing for him then. Mrs. Harrison says that she hadn’t thought of that. She says that her and her husband’s happiness aren’t as important as Randolph’s. Word says that Randolph’s happiness must come first. She agrees, but says that she and his father just miss Randy. She says that she is confused. Jen tries to object, but is overruled. Jen thinks to herself that Word is so smooth that he even has the judge under his spell. Jen says that she has to tackle this head on. Jen introduces into evidence Randolph’s own written claim that he is being held captive by the Word’s cult. The judge asks the Word if he wants a recess to review the document. Word says that he doesn’t need to. Word says that he calls a surprise witness… Randolph Harrison.

Word tells Randolph that Jennifer Walters claims to have a document that says that he is being held against his will. Randolph says that he is sorry to say that such a document does exist. Word tells Randy to tell the court in his own words. Randy says that it charges Word. Word asks if he has brainwashed Randy. Randy says that he hasn’t, and that the charges were fabricated by Jennifer Walters. Randy says that he signed it because he wanted to see what she was up to. Jen stands and asks Randy how he can repudiate the affidavit now. She asks him what about his parents. Randy says that he can’t lie under oath. Word says that they just want the truth, and that they aren’t there to injure innocents. He says that most of them aren’t anyway and he motions to Jennifer. Word says that she will stoop to any level to win her case, and hopes that they will take that into account. Jen tells the judge that Word’s remarks are out of order. The judge denies her request to strike Word’s comments from the record. Jen starts to shake and Ultima wonders what is happening to her. Jen asks for a recess, but the judge denies her and says that he isn’t prolonging this case that has no merit. Jen says that she is sick, and that she is leaving.

Jen storms through the door. The judge shouts after her and says that she is in contempt. The press rush after Jen, but she runs by them. Buck tells Jen not to tell him that she dropped the ball again. He says that she let her temper run away with her. Jen tells him not to lecture him and knocks Buck to the ground.

Jen rushes into the women’s bathroom. She is relieved that it is empty. She-Hulk says that she has to calm down, revert to Jen, and go back and apologize. She-Hulk wonders why she should. She says that if they are stupid enough to be taken in by the Word that they can stew. She says that she doesn’t need anyone’s approval.

Back in the courtroom, Word is asking Ultima if she is happy now. Ultima rushes out of the courtroom. Ultima realizes that She-Hulk and Jennifer Walters are the same. She says that after the She-Hulk escaped that she found Jennifer Walters’ car still there. She says that she has been given another opportunity to prove that she is everything her father wants her to be. Ultima opens the women’s bathroom and sees She-Hulk standing there. She-Hulk grabs Ultima and lifts her into the air. She says that she should have trounced her last night and saved herself the trouble. Ultima says that she is there to make up for the humiliation that she suffered. She-Hulk says that she isn’t starting off real well. Ultima kicks She-Hulk in the face. She-Hulk says that Ultima is more powerful than she looks and that her kick broke her grip. Ultima swings at She-Hulk, but She-Hulk dodges. She-Hulk tries to hit back, but the disease in her blood slows her down, and Ultima dodges as well. She-Hulk grabs Ultima, but Ultima hits She-Hulk in the face.

Outside the courthouse, Ultima smashes into She-Hulk and drives both of them through the wall. Ultima tells She-Hulk to admit that she is her mental and physical superior. She-Hulk says not to make her laugh. She-Hulk tells Ultima that she and her father have put her through too much. She says that she is going to get some satisfaction. She says that she may have lost in the legal arena, but that she won’t lose on the street. She-Hulk says that she isn’t pulling any punches. Ultima sees her father and says that he will be so proud when she puts down the She-Hulk. Ultima hits She-Hulk in the face.

Randy tells Ultima to be careful. Word says that it is his daughter that is going to win.

She-Hulk says that their arrogance is astounding. She-Hulk hits Ultima and says that she is far from beaten. She-Hulk hits Ultima again and again. Ultima is on the ground. She-Hulk lifts a car over her head and asks Ultima where he words are now. She says that she is going to smash her.

Word tells Randolph that if he really does love his daughter to do something quickly.

Ultima looks up at She-Hulk. She says that she is beaten, and that she would rather die than face her father after defeat and shame. She-Hulk wonders what she is doing. She says that she is not a murderer. Suddenly, Randy throws himself into the back of She-Hulk’s legs. She-Hulk is thrown off balance and the car starts to fall on Randy. Ultima rushes over and pushes Randy out of the way and the car lands on her. Word tells She-Hulk that she has to lift the car off Ultima. She-Hulk says that she doesn’t have to, but that she will. She-Hulk pushes the car off Ultima and a doctor rushes over. She-Hulk says that Word has reaped what he has sewn. The doctor says that Ultima will live, but that her spinal column seems permanently damaged. He says that she won’t have any muscular coordination at all. Word asks what he has done to his daughter. The Harrisons comfort their son. Randy is crying and says that he loved her, and that now she has been taken from him. His mother says, “No, son… she loved you, but you never had a chance to find out for yourself… if you loved her! That’s what we were fighting for!” Word says that She-Hulk is right, and that this is all his fault. He says that she can’t speak anymore, and that he won’t. He says that he is entering a voluntary vow of silence. She-Hulk runs as the ambulance arrives.

She-Hulk thinks to herself that she is so weak as she ducks into an alley. Zapper finds She-Hulk passed out in the alley. He says that it may be too late.


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