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Synopsis for "Through the Crystal!"

After a bad dream about the She-Hulk, Jennifer Walters seeks advice from Richard Rory. However when she calls him in Florida, she hangs up on him when he says he's busy. What she doesn't allow him to explain is that he has been communicating with the Man-Wolf -- John Jameson -- who has been trapped on a meteor somewhere in space. The resulting conversation wrecks Richard's radio station and he's forced to sell it back to Mr. Carpenter.

With the Other Realm shrinking into a microverse, Lambert, who is unable to contact the Man-Wolf, seeks help from Earth. Identifying the She-Hulk as the problem, Lambert accesses Earth through the Shadow Cloak owned by Hellcat, but he is forced to knock out Hellcat before confronting the She-Hulk.

When he, Gorjoon, and Lambert confront the She-Hulk she misunderstands their confrontation for an attack and a battle starts. Even when Lambert is able to summon the entire army of the Other World, they are no match for the She-Hulk. They are all forced to retreat, but She-Hulk manages to pull free the Shadow Cloak before they can get away. Lambert informs Hellcat of what his mission is as well as She-Hulk's apparent relation to the source of the Other Realm's imminent destruction.

Changing back to Jennifer Walters and returning home, Jen's romance life is given another jolt when both Daniel and Richard Rory pay her a visit. Daniel, jealous, storms out, while Richard gives her back a necklace she left when she visited him last. Both are unaware that within his necklace is the microscopic world in which the Man-Wolf is trapped on.

This story is continued next issue...


Continuity Notes

  • Jennifer Walters is haunted in her dreams by some of the following memories:
  • This story suggests that the place where Stargod is trapped is somewhere within the atoms of She-Hulk's necklace. At the time of this story, it was believed that the Microverse literally existed within the atoms of the outside world. However, as revealed in Fantastic Four #282 that belief is inaccurate. As explained in that story, the Microverse exists in another dimension and is accessed through the process of shrinking. Shrink enough, and you pass through the barriers between worlds.

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