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Synopsis for "Life in the Bloodstream"

With She-Hulk's body tied to the destruction of Other Realm, Lambert sends Hellcat to try and reason with She-Hulk to get her to help them save Other Realm and the Man-Wolf. Meanwhile, Zapper Ridge has not been home since seeing Jennifer Walters with Richard Rory. Jen tracks him down to a bar where he has been drinking with barbarians from Other World who have been trapped on Earth since they were defeated by She-Hulk.

When they try to force her to ride the bucking bronco, she transforms into She-Hulk and she fights them off. Hellcat shows up and sends the barbarians back to Other World with her Shadow Cloak, and then transports She-Hulk and herself to Other Realm as well. However, since the realm is tied to her physiology this doesn't work and so they are shunted to the realm where the Man-Wolf is trapped (which is within a necklace owned by Jennifer Walters) there She-Hulk briefly battles the Man-Wolf until Hellcat intervenes.

With everything explained, She-Hulk agrees to help them save Other Realm, by using the Man-Wolf's transmitter to channel Other World's energies into him allowing him to return to his home and restore it to order. After the episode, She-Hulk returns to her normal size seeming to explode out of the necklace (which has been tossed to the ground by an angry Zapper who is still jealous about Richard Rory) She-Hulk and Zapper reconcile.


Continuity Notes

  • This story suggests that the place where Stargod is trapped is somewhere within the atoms of She-Hulk's necklace. At the time of this story, it was believed that the Microverse literally existed within the atoms of the outside world. However, as revealed in Fantastic Four #282 that belief is inaccurate. As explained in that story, the Microverse exists in another dimension and is accessed through the process of shrinking. Shrink enough, and you pass through the barriers between worlds.

Chronology Notes

The following characters appear in Flashbacks that affect their overall chronology:


  • Moondragon had taken Hellcat's psionic powers in Defenders #77. Lambert restored them in this issue.

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