Appearing in "The Zapping of the She-Hulk"

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  • Los Angeles
    • Daycare Center
    • Law office of Jennifer Walters
    • Head office of the electric company



Synopsis for "The Zapping of the She-Hulk"

After stopping a man from blowing up a microwave tower as She-Hulk at night, the next day Jennifer Walters is asked to represent the community to have the tower taken down, as they believe the microwave tower is having an effect on people's health.

During the court case between the community and the company that owns the tower, a demonstration of the deadliness of microwaves is displayed with a specially made suit that generates high microwave levels. That night, a supporter of keeping the tower in place steals the suit and uses it to bombard Jennifer's home with microwaves.

Spotting the man, she goes outside as She-Hulk and easily defeats the would-be super-villain, destroying his costume. She then goes to the tower and destroys it. Afterwards, the owners of the company who installed the tower decide to move to another location. When the daycare that hired Jennifer tries to pay her, she declines payment, saying the money has more use for the daycare center which now has less revenue to generate from the loss of the tower.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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