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Synopsis for "When Favors Come Due!"

Jennifer Walters is given a chance to make first offer on her father's old home. However she is caught with a dilemma of paying it. However, this problem is seemingly solved when Lou Monkton, a criminal she has represented in the past, gives her a payment of $5000 to help him with his recent legal troubles.

That night a criminal known as the Grappler (who is a master of leverage, and self-made millionaire who robs for kicks) has appeared and tries to steal the contents of an armored car. Being on the scene, Jen transforms into the She-Hulk and battles the Grappler. When the Grappler offers to bribe her into becoming his partner, she simply turns the defeated crook over to the police.

Later, Jen realizes that the money she got from Lou Monkton might have been in exchange for a future favor. She cancels the check she gave to her father, and writes a letter of explanation, however, the machinations of Beverly Cross see that Morris doesn't get the letter further creating a rift between the two.


Continuity Notes

  • This story leaves the reader to believe that someone has kidnapped Michael Morbius before he could give Walters important information about the She-Hulk. However, when he appears again in Fantastic Four #266 (published 4 years later) he appears to be fine. This plot thread was likely dropped as Savage She-Hulk was eventually canceled after Issue #25.

Publication Notes

  • Cover art: sketch by Hannigan, pencils by Vosburg, inks by Milgrom.[1]
  • Lettering credited to D. Hands.

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