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Appearing in "Designer Genes!!"

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  • Dennis Bukowski's father
  • Dennis Bukowski's mother

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Synopsis for "Designer Genes!!"

Jennifer Walters wakes up to a shock when she finds that she has transformed into the She-Hulk in her sleep. While furious of the bounced check for purchasing the house she lives in off her father, Morris Walters demands to have his daughter evicted from the property. Visiting Zapper as the She-Hulk, Jen goes on what she believes is another date, but Zapper has really sold her out to a man known as Doc, who through Zapper's colleague Ralph Hutchins, has been led to believe that She-Hulk's genetics may prove a cure for cancer.

Incapacitated and frozen in a block of ice, the Doc is about to begin his experiments on the She-Hulk when she breaks free. the Doc then injects Hutchins with one of his experiments which turns him into the giant Brute. After battling the Brute, She-Hulk manages to defeat the mailable creature and break it apart before escaping.

Returning home, Jen is confronted by Richard Rory who is returning her house key and admits that he's figured out that she's the She-Hulk. The police then show up to hand her an eviction notice. This angers Jennifer, and she transforms into She-Hulk and trashes the house when Zapper arrives. Furious at him for his part in that days troubles, Jennifer decides to renounce her human form and remain the She-Hulk forever before storming out of the house, leaving Richard and Zapper to consider what has just happened.


Continuity Notes

  • She-Hulk mentions how Michael Morbius cured her of the uncontrolled transformations back in Savage She-Hulk #12.
  • Zapper's situation that leads to him betraying the She-Hulk was because he gave Ralph Hitchins a sample of She-Hulk's blood back in Savage She-Hulk #8.
  • Buckowski is depressed because he blames himself for the death of She-Hulk's friend Jill Stevens in Savage She-Hulk #2. He originally accused She-Hulk of this death until he learned that he actually impeded her efforts to save her in Savage She-Hulk #17.

Publication Notes

  • Rosen and Novak are uncredited.

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