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Synopsis for "To Stay the She-Hulk"

Having stormed out of her house and renouncing her human guise in favor of being the She-Hulk, she stops a mugger and is hailed as a hero. Afterward, a coffee shop owner invites her to relax in silence in his shop. Reflecting on her relationship with her father and other aspects of his personal life, she decides that she wants to live the care-free make-up-your-own-rules life of the She-Hulk.

Returning home to gather some of her things, Richard Rory and Zapper are still there and try to talk her out of leaving. Their efforts are wasted, as the She-Hulk does not want to listen: she hits Zapper, and then warns the terrified guys never cross on her way. Leaving in her car, she gets a thrill out of speeding through the streets. When she stops for gas, she happens upon a robbery of the gas station, and the crooks steal her car.

As she goes after the crooks, Morris Walters arrives at his home to see if Jennifer had been evicted. When he finds the place in shambles and Richard and Zappy present he demands answers. When Richard blurts out that Jen is really the She-Hulk, Morris doesn't believe it and strikes Richard, and orders them out of his home.

Meanwhile, She-Hulk has stopped the crooks, and when the police try to get her license plate number, the She-Hulk tears it up and drives off.


Chronology Notes

This story has some flashbacks that take place during the early life of She-Hulk and Zapper Ridge. They are as follows:

Flashback 1: flashback scene on page 6, panels 4-6, which depict a young Jennifer Walters begging her father not to punish a child whose family is too poor to afford to pack him a lunch.

Flashback 2: The scene when a young Jennifer Walters is babysitting Zapper Ridge on Page 10, Panel 5:

Flashback 3: Young Jennifer Walters spending quality time with her father on Page 18 panel 1.

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