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As She-Hulk tries to reestablish her life in her She-Hulk form, she is being spied on by a creature known as the Seeker. Meanwhile, a new name in organized crime is trying to take control of the Los Angeles crime scene, his name is Shade. When other criminals try to unite to deal with the problem they find themselves assassinated by Shade's men. Meanwhile, Morris Walters tries to make sense of the problems between he and his daughter, while Richard Rory tries (unsuccessfully) to track Jennifer down. Zapper, who is also trying to help Jen returns to UCLA and is knocked out by a mysterious attacker.

After buying a new wardrobe, She-Hulk is attacked by the Seeker in another show of power for the Shade. Their fight takes them to a construction site where the Seeker's powers prove to be the mutates undoing when his attack causes the structure to collapse on him, seemingly killing him. The mobsters who have been watching the battle flee. She-Hulk tries to chase after them, but they manage to escape.

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