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Synopsis for "Bad Vibes"

Continued from last issue...

Following her battle in the "Arena", the LA Underworld's underground fighting ring, the She-Hulk tries to escape the scene. She is impeded by some mobsters, but she easily stops them. She learns that the person responsible for pitting her against the Seeker is a mystery man called Shade. Before she can learn anymore, the police arrive on the scene forcing her to flee. The following morning, Richard Rory wakes up on a park bench after another night unsuccessfully searching for the She-Hulk since she took off. When considering the fact that Jen has not been She-Hulk this long before bothers Richard, he wonders how long she can keep it up.

Elsewhere in the city, the Doc shows up at the mansion of Shade with his latest super-powered creation, the man called Radius. Soon a demonstration of Radius' powers are put on, showing that he can affect the molecules of objects within a certain radius to himself. Impressed, Shade agrees to send out this new super-agent out to destroy the She-Hulk.

While at the home of Morris Walters, his girlfriend Beverly Cross tears up a letter written by his daughter and tosses it out the window before Morris can see it. The two then talk once again about how Morris is working himself too hard especially after the apparently ungrateful behavior of Jennifer. When Beverly leaves, Morris spots a fragment of the letter written by his daughter and realizes that the woman he loves attempted to destroy this letter before he could read it, and begins to wonder why. While at the home of Zapper Ridges, the heartsick man thinks back to his childhood growing up with Jennifer Walters. He also recalls how he went to the labs at UCLA to find out what Ralph Hitchens did with her blood sample when somebody hit him from behind.

Out in the desert, the She-Hulk continues her pilgrimage to get away from those who have wronged her. After stewing over her thoughts for a time, she decides to pull over on the side of the road and suntan on a massive rock. It is here that she is attacked by Radius, who has succeeded in tracking her down. Trying to attack Radius proves difficult because the being can use his powers to deflect her blows and destroy any projectiles thrown her way. However, due to the She-Hulk's unique physiology, Radius cannot do much to destroy her with his powers. While back at the law office of Jennifer Walters, Richard Rory searches Jen's desk for clues that might lead him to her location. He is interrupted by Buck Buckowski who still feels guilty over the death of Jill Stevens. But, when he offers his assistance, Rory turns it down, preferring to find her alone and leaves Buck to stew in his own thoughts.

Meanwhile, the She-Hulk manages to fend off the attacks thrown at her by Radius. When the being tries to unleash the full fury of his powers, she manages to focus all her rage and frustration to fight it off. Seeing that he is outmatched, Radius then flees the scene, but when She-Hulk tries to follow him she finds that she is too weak to do so. While back at the office of Morris Walters, the sheriff calls in Buck and shows her evidence that his daughter was trying to contact him. However, there is not enough of the letter to tell what she was trying to say. Needing to find Jen so they can sort out their differences, Morris tells Buck to put out an APB for his daughter.


Chronology Notes

This story has a flashback that affects the chronologies of the following characters:

Continuity Notes

  • Buck is still upset over the death of Jill Stevens who died in a car crash in Savage She-Hulk #2. He only recently learned that he was responsible for impeding her rescue in Savage She-Hulk #17.

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