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Synopsis for "The Day the Planet Screamed!"

She-Hulk has come to the headquarters of the new crime lord named Shade. However, she is sucked into the ground and is confronted by the various mutations created by Doc. She is soon attacked by Doc's most powerful creation yet: Earth-Lord, a creature which has full control over the very earth itself.

Meanwhile, Morris Walters confronts Beverly Cross with the truth about her tearing up one of Jennifer's letters, he tells her to leave and never come back. He later then teams up with Richard and Zapper (who have decided to put their rivalry behind themselves) to help try and track down Jennifer.

She-Hulk on the other hand, continues her battle against Earth-Lord, until she removes the control device on his head, removing the control he had over the Earth. The pain causes him to black out, but not before She-Hulk sees him transform into all his previous incarnations, and that all the mutates she fought recently -- Brute, Seeker, Radius, and Torque -- have all been the same man: Ralph Hutchins.


Continuity Notes

  • The Doc mentions when he took a blood sample from the She-Hulk for his experiments, this happened in Savage She-Hulk #19.

Chronology Notes

In this story She-Hulk has a flashback to her childhood that affects the continuity of the following characters:

Publication Notes

  • This issue also features two pin-ups of the She-Hulk by Mike Vosburg.

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