Quote1 Wait...Oh. My. Gosh. The angrier you get...the weaker you get! Quote2
-- She-Hulk

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Synopsis for "Universal Monster"

Having come to present day Earth, Lyra is on a mission for the Gynosure, to save the unborn females of their society. in response, ARMOR has sent the She-Hulk to talk her out of fighting. However, when Jennifer mentions Thundra, attacks again. Her personal computer Boudicca warns her that they have a little over 4 hours to complete their mission. Lyra isn't interested in the mission anymore since her opponent knows her mother. Meanwhile, the blow from Lyra has sent She-Hulk crashing into an expensive condominium. As the owners complain about the damage she caused, when Lyra arrives to resume the battle. The scene is being observed by Norman Osborn and Ares in Avengers Tower. Ares questions why they don't go and kill them, but Osborn wants this fiasco to work to his advantage of having ARMOR shut down so that HAMMER can get ahold of its resources. Meanwhile, the Sentry overhears Alexander Erde telling his fellow ARMOR agents about his encounter with Lyra and how she is searching for the greatest hero of this era. He quickly flies outside to ask more information about this. Meanwhile, the battle between She-Hulk and Lyra continues. When She-Hulk mentions that Thundra became a hero, this angers Lyra even more. As they battle each other, Lyra thinks back to the events that led her to coming to the present...

... In the 23rd century of Earth-8009, Lyra and her fellow Femazons were on a mission to recover a device that would restore their birthing cradles to operational order. Along the way, they are attacked by an army of Berserkers, male barbarians who worship Wolverine. Lyra and her fellow warriors fight off their attackers, but one of the women is seriously wounded. When Lyra tries to treat her, the woman refuses to be touched by Lyra because she is the only women in their society who was a natural birth. The woman later dies and when Nella tries to comfort her, but Lyra is certain that the dead woman said what they are all thinking. As they press on, Boudicca to keep her temper in check. They soon arrive in the ruins of St. Louis a male stronghold which consists of the Crawlers, Men of Gold, Goblinkin, and the Wargods. While the other women hold off the male hordes, Lyra goes off to complete her mission. In an ancient Origins Unlimited Meta Science Center. There she activates a tour robot named Ismene who informs her that this facility was used to grant normal humans with superhuman powers. After listening to the recording, Lyra goes on and find the male's cradle. There she takes the needed part, from the device, even though it will mean the extinction of men. When Lyra has her concerns about doing this, Boudicca warns her not to let her sisters hearing her speak such blasphemy. Just as she says so, Nella is lunging out from behind, prepared to stab Lyra in the back.

... Lyra recollection ends when she and She-Hulk crash into the street. Lyra lets slip that Thundra is her mother and suddenly weakens. She-Hulk realizes that Lyra gets weaker the angrier she gets. Before She-Hulk can learn anymore, the Sentry grabs She-Hulk and tosses her away. When he introduces himself as the greatest hero of the era, Lyra tells him that he's not, the man she is looking for is Norman Osborn. Just then Osborn -- in his Iron Patriot armor -- arrives with the rest of the Dark Avengers.

Appearing in "Court Costs!"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Solo Avengers #14.

Synopsis for "Court Costs!"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Solo Avengers #14.


Chronology Notes

A Flashback in this story affects the chronology of the following characters:

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